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Mats, Pads & Skids for Construction Jobs

Are you prepping a construction site and need construction mats? Approach B and D Mats, LLC! We offer quality crane mats for all your job site needs. We understand that each construction job has a different budget. That’s why we offer new and used mats, pads, and skids in a wide selection of sizes.

What We Have in Our Inventory

At B and D Mats, LLC, you’ll find only the most durable, high-quality products in our inventory. Here is what we offer:

  • Crane mats: Beneath every towering crane on every job site in America is a remarkably sturdy crane mat. These hardwood-reinforced mats, also called bridge mats, provide the necessary stability your site’s crane needs to lift and swing without losing traction. Choose from our new and used hardwood mats, including 12’ x 4’ x 20’, 12’ x 4’ x 24’, and 12’ x 4’ x 30’ sizes.
  • Laminated mats: Commonly called truck mats, three-ply laminated mats provide a durable surface for trucks, planes, and other heavy machinery to drive across. It creates a temporary road, ground protection, or stabilization platform.
  • Cribbing skids: Also called full sawn skids, these incredibly strong, hardwood skids effectively support pipelines and other large structures.
  • Outrigger pads: When you need to support machinery that weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds, your construction site needs one of these ultra-rigid, thermoplastic pads.
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